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I took a short trip to Montreal not that long ago to enjoy the city and just wander. We took the train down and rented a small apartment just outside of downtown on airbnb. The train ride was quick, painless and had great wifi service. I was able to get ALOT of work done.

I had never used airbnb before and was a bit apprehensive, but thought it might be a good way to see the city and not break the bank on a hotel. If your not familiar with it, airbnb is a rental service that allows you to rent out extra space in your home to travelling guests. You can rent guest rooms, full apartments and even boats in some places. We were able to rent a full one bedroom apartment, with kitchen and everything, that helped us save on food and dreaded vacation weight gain.

The purpose of the trip was really to go to the Laurier Gordon Ramsay. It was a beautiful rotisserie with great food and simple decor. Expensive but worth the trip, since the next day the announced the end of their partnership with Gordon Ramsay. The soups, salmon and bread pudding were all amazing, but the mocha cake left something to be desired. It was dry and way too sugary for my taste. Otherwise it was a great, did I say expensive?, night out.

We spent the rest of our time in Montreal wondering down St. Laurent and Avenue du Parc. I missed out on going to Mont-Royal Park, maybe next time…

It was the perfect, quiet getaway I needed in the middle of the semester and I’m super glad we went!


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As a kid, my father would constantly alter the names of me and my siblings to make up funny nicknames. Do you remember those Banana Fana songs? Well, for a while he was adding -ster to the end of names, there was the sarster, the broster and me, the ruth-ster. Needless to say my interest in morphology started at a young age.

Now this is a blog dedicated to my general interest in linguistics, art and whatever. Its a collection of observations and photo galeries of my various hiking adventures. I hope you enjoy it!

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