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Weight-loss and others

I have started to go back to the gym again. I know I need to be more motivated, I’m young but still, its hard. My brother is going to join me in it so it will at least be a fun way to spend more time with him.

I am still dreaming of getting out of here. Looking at blogs online. Right now I’m following bumfuzzle, s/v Third Day, followyoufollowme and toast floats. They give a pretty good picture of what life cruising and travelling is like. I’m starting to get really excited but have no idea how to start this. Really, I need everything from a boat to all the equipment and liscenses. I expect I’m gonna have a lot of work ahead of me and this could take many years, but it will be worth it.

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About Ruth Davy

I'm a social and public policy researcher my interests include language education, multilingual societies, digital democracy, and public engagement in policy. I'm also a newbie sailor and amateur kettlebell lifter.


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