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Where am I going?

Today I submitted my masters applications. Its a very scary thing to have them sent off and not be able to look at them. I know I’m kinda crazy, I want to continue changing it until the day they get looked at and a decision is made, but I can’t I have to let go at some point and just say, my work will stand for itself. This whole process is so much different the my applications for schools for my undergrad. I applied to Architecture and Linguistics in my last year of high school, Linguistics was just put your name and grades here, for Architecture I had similar reference checks, essays and a portfolio to submit as well as an interview. With interviews at least I had some chance to say this is me! and explain why I’m so awesome, instead of one page written and re-written like a thousand times over two weeks. My finished product sounded authentic I hope but I found it so hard to tell someone how I got interested in all this in the first place and my life goals all in one page.

I’m applying to M.A. Public Administration in International Development and M.Ed Adult Learning and Global Change. Two programs that seem very different but both lead me into careers where I get to help people. I love learning about how our world is changing everyday, bringing us closer to a global community, making distances between people smaller with increased communication.  I’m very excited to see if I can make it in either stream. The M.Ed is online, a joint program between people from all over the world. An exciting idea in itself. But it focuses on how adults can learn in the changing world system. Yes I am a nerd, but after years of enjoying working in retail, helping people sort out issues and what not, I want to continue that through to my future career.

Why am I writing this all out here? Mostly because this is all I have been thinking about for the last two weeks, how to express what my goals are to others. But I hope this frames why I am so interested in traveling for long stays in other countries. Once this mound of student loans is off my back, the world is out there to be discovered.

What I would love in five years is to be living in another country, working with people, saving for a boat and getting out there collecting experiences as much as I can. I want to have either improved my German or learn another language.

All for now, more later,



About Ruth Davy

I'm a social and public policy researcher my interests include language education, multilingual societies, digital democracy, and public engagement in policy. I'm also a newbie sailor and amateur kettlebell lifter.


2 thoughts on “Where am I going?

  1. I saw that you left a message on another person’s blog about Adult Learning and Global Education. Did you ever get a response from him? I’m also interested in the program and would like to know more about it from a current/former student’s perspective. Thanks!

    Posted by Joce | April 25, 2011, 4:58 am

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