Ruth Davy

I'm a social and public policy researcher my interests include language education, multilingual societies, digital democracy, and public engagement in policy. I'm also a newbie sailor and amateur kettlebell lifter.
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I took a short trip to Montreal not that long ago to enjoy the city and just wander. We took the train down and rented a small apartment just outside of downtown on airbnb. The train ride was quick, painless and had great wifi service. I was able to get ALOT of work done. I … Continue reading

Learning a New Language

I just wanted to send a few recommendations your way about learning languages. I studied linguistics in university, and despite that, most of my tips come from experience in teaching English and learning languages. Here are my top five tips: Meet Someone – a new relationship with a native speaker in your new language can … Continue reading

Where am I going?

Today I submitted my masters applications. Its a very scary thing to have them sent off and not be able to look at them. I know I’m kinda crazy, I want to continue changing it until the day they get looked at and a decision is made, but I can’t I have to let go … Continue reading

Reflecting on Life

At the moment I’m in the process of tying up loose ends of my masters applications and watching snow slowly accumulate on my balcony. I love learning, I’m the biggest nerd, and my number one reason for wanting to travel so much it to learn about other people and how they live their lives. But … Continue reading

My Present Status

I am really not sure where I want to go with this blog, as you can see from the sparatic and varied posts. I do have a real goal set here, other then to share whatever it is that is going on in my head. Being a university student my time is pretty much eaten … Continue reading

Thrombosis Update

This summer went by so fast. I cant believe it has already been six months since I was diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis and PE. I am finally ready to come off of blood thinners and start trying to get myself back in shape. The drugs made me feel exhausted and foggy. I am excited … Continue reading

Sailing and Spring

Finally the snow is gone and its time to get out and work on the boat! Have had a wonderful time scrubbing down the hull and getting the Jester prepared for Launch Day next week. It is fast approaching and the list of tasks seems to be growing instead of shrinking but we are getting … Continue reading


Shortly after settling into our new apartment I had severe back and chest pain. Thought is was just strain for moving our three bedroom townhouse into a tiny apartment (which is still rather overcrowded but more on that later). A few weeks later while shopping with my sister I noticed it was getting hard to … Continue reading

Home Reno

I just moved into a small apartment and and hoping to upgrade the drab 80s rental into a faboulus place for me, my boyfriend and our roommate. The kitchen is my first area of attack as the landlord has agreed to replace the flooring. Since our last place, where I was not allowed to paint … Continue reading

Photo Update

I finally got around to uploading my photos. Took procrastinating from studying but its done. There are a few from our fall hikes and one more spring hike I hadn’t uploaded.