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I took a short trip to Montreal not that long ago to enjoy the city and just wander. We took the train down and rented a small apartment just outside of downtown on airbnb. The train ride was quick, painless and had great wifi service. I was able to get ALOT of work done. I … Continue reading

Reflecting on Life

At the moment I’m in the process of tying up loose ends of my masters applications and watching snow slowly accumulate on my balcony. I love learning, I’m the biggest nerd, and my number one reason for wanting to travel so much it to learn about other people and how they live their lives. But … Continue reading

Weight-loss and others

I have started to go back to the gym again. I know I need to be more motivated, I’m young but still, its hard. My brother is going to join me in it so it will at least be a fun way to spend more time with him. I am still dreaming of getting out … Continue reading

Starting out

Hey, I’m just starting out playing with this to get the hang of how it works before I start messing with it. I’m starting a photo/travel blog to gain confidence in my photography and keep people update about my RTW when it does happen and the progress of the planing. I’m looking for ppl to … Continue reading