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School Sucks

So I’m getting closer to my post a week update on this site. I have more pictures to upload from a few hikes and I’ve been trying to think of a way to motivate my get in shape kick. Thinking maybe of posting my progress but… well see. Thus far on the sailing front, I … Continue reading

Weight-loss and others

I have started to go back to the gym again. I know I need to be more motivated, I’m young but still, its hard. My brother is going to join me in it so it will at least be a fun way to spend more time with him. I am still dreaming of getting out … Continue reading

Thoughts on the Goal

Been spending more and more time reading sailblogs, gathering an idea for how much work its going to be to get this dream going. Step one is save money to buy a boat. I may be getting ahead of myself with the planning, but we really want to do this and having this goal is … Continue reading


As the school year starts expect this to get less and less attention. I’ve been spending most of the summer looking at cruisers blogs. Getting very excited to do this myself. Have been sailing alot more this summer then in past years and look forward to starting the great expense which is saving for a … Continue reading